1. How a simple tweak helped us achieve 250% more conversions.

    At Host4Geeks we have always been crazy about offering the best customer service possible and user feedback is a very important part of this process. It helps us identify our bottlenecks when it comes to support. 

    Once a user-submitted support ticket is resolved or is closed automatically after 72 hours of inactivity, we send out a short email asking for feedback in regards to that specific ticket.

    Here is the email that we sent earlier:

    With this email we received on an average 4 responses for every 45 tickets, which is a conversion rate of 8.88%.

    The past week we made a small change to the email template and this is what we started sending:

    We replaced the link with a call to action button and our average response rate soared to 31.11% which is around 14 responses for every 45 tickets. 

    This is an 249% increase in conversion.

    Doing some further research, I found out that there were more factors that just the button which caused the increase.

    Single Column Layout

    Firstly, our email templates follow a single column layout which is known  to convert more than multi-column layouts. It helps the user stay focused where as a multi-column layout offers distractions.

    Color and Placement of Button

    The color and placement of the button was another crucial factor. Keeping it center aligned made sure that it was distinct and stood out from the rest of the content. The color green represents the idea of “Go” or forward movement,  similar to the use of “Green Lights” in traffic signal.

    Short and Simple Email

    The email we sent is extremely short (just 2 lines), simple and to the point. An average user spends around 28% of a 40 hours work week on emails. The average attention span of a human being in 2013 was 8 seconds (source) having an email that can be read is less then 5 seconds proved to be another factor in this increase.

    The key points are:

    • Keep it short and simple.
    • If you target is a link replace it with a button.
    • Choose the color and placement of button correctly.
    • Avoid multi column layouts.
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